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An interesting family genealogy has to be so much more than simple names, dates and places. While these form the basis of any genealogy project, it is the stories of our ancestors that truly provide insight into our different families.

The links to the left will take you to the history that makes our families what they are today. Inside these links are dozens of incredible stories, from the amusing to the inspiring.

Discover the story of Médéric Blouin, the first of the Blouin line to arrive in Canada in 1665 and of the many challenges that the family faced during those first difficult years. Hear how a young French-Canadian “Joan of Arc” held off an Iroquois attack for eight days. Or perhaps you are interested in learning a bit more about the advance into Caen after D-Day and of one of its many heroes.

Think you know the difference between a 3rd cousin and a 4th cousin once removed? Ever wonder if you might be related to Royalty? It's all here, and so much more, including this years Birthday Calendar for thousands of individuals.