Welcome to the Salt Family Tree Home Page, including the Lilly, Wincentaylo (Winstall), and Blouin family history. Sit back, browse, and enjoy some of your family history, dating back to the mid 1500's with 16 generations and nearly 4200 names thus far.

Discover the first Blouin to arrive in Quebec or learn a little more of the special connection the Salt family has to the sea. Rumour has it; there is even a connection to Elvis somewhere buried deep in the tree.
Please feel free to contact me should you note any corrections that might be required and check back often for changes and additions. I have a feeling that there is still a lot of information yet to find.

Enjoy & Salut,

Fast facts about this site ...
Total Number of Individuals: 4171

Total Number of Marriages: 1598

Earliest Birthdate: Abt 1540 (Jeanne L'Escallier)

Number of Generations: 16

Number of Surnames: 1156
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